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Project Development

Having complete clarity as to the purpose of the project is the first hurdle to overcome in being able to successfully complete the project and this is defined in the project charter. We be able to clearly define and communicate the aims and objectives of projects to those carrying out work on your behalf.

Product Development

We use open-source software and contribute code to the projects that are most important to us and our clients. We contribute financially to sustain the software projects that make our services possible, to aid organizations advancing free software in our sector.


The Centre provides training and related services that develop human resources and institutional capabilities. Its  aimed at helping students from Engineering streams including CSE/II/ECE/EEE who are aiming to get into their core industries to learn , practice and excel Computer engineering concepts.

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Why choose us?

Responsive, unique, multipurpose

To date, we have successfully completed over 200 projects including data-driven websites, Embeded Systems, intranets, Power systems, content management systems, Cloud Computing, Custom PCB Design, FPGA, Cloud Computing, Hadoops  with our team and had Enough tools.

             We charge on a sliding scale, so our larger clients/Students with more generous budgets are in effect subsidizing the service of our smallest clients/Students. Some of our clients get free service and make voluntary donations when they can, so everyone else is subsidizing them. We hope thereby to contribute to the general diversity and robustness of the sectors we serve.

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